Can You Use IRA Money to Buy Real Estate?

The current financial crisis is blamed on the sudden drop in the value of real estate. This is bad news for the many people who lost their homes and the financial institutions that backed their mortgages. But, it can be good news for you. Property is selling at one of the lowest rates in recent time. Now is the time to buy real estate especially if you are looking for a good way to invest your retirement funds.Now you might be asking yourself can I really do that. Can you use IRA money to buy real estate? I thought that you had to invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. How do you use IRA money to buy real estate?With a self-directed, or Roth IRA, you have the freedom to choose where your investments go. So the answer to can you use IRA money to buy real estate is yes, as long as you do so within the guidelines. With the help of an investment counselor, this can be the best way to go in these hard financial times.By using IRA money to buy real estate you may realize a higher profit margin on your investment as compared to the average 8% that is common among conventional financial instruments. This means that your future retirement account can grow at a more rapid rate. What may be even more important is that your money is backed with a tangible asset. Unlike stocks, bonds and mutual funds, the rumors on Wall Street that sends the value of these financial instruments on a roller coaster ride; property maintains it value or increases with value over time.If you are wondering can you use IRA money to buy real estate and still see your nest egg build; I am here to tell you that today is the day to make the switch. Think about it for a moment. Prices are low right now, but, the government is doing everything in its power to see that the market is stabilized. Their actions will in turn increase the value of any property that you purchase today. So, tomorrow, when things look better, you can sell the property and return the profits to your IRA account.With the state of the economy such as it is; finding the right place to invest your retirement funds can be difficult. However, now that you have found out the answer to can you use IRA money to buy real estate; those decisions may be easier.

Buying Real Estate On A Lake

When choosing a home, it’s important to choose a location very carefully. Depending on whether or not you have children, and the ages of your children, you may choose a quieter area, over a more condensed city setting. Similarly, if you enjoy relaxing, and appreciate fishing, swimming, and other water sports you may want to consider living on or very near a lake.Buying real estate that has access to water is a fantastic investment. If you choose to live in the property, you and your family will be able to enjoy a variety of activities the entire year. Just a few of them are ice-skating and ice fishing in the winter that will give way and soon be replaced by fishing, hiking, swimming and other exciting water sports in the summer. What’s more, the breathtaking views lake living provides will surely provide a relaxing and romantic setting 365 days a year! If you aren’t planning on living in the house, real estate on a lake is easy to rent for vacations. Families are always looking for reasonable and beautiful properties located on lakes to bring their children to for the summer months. Additionally, lake houses tend to appreciate in value when well taken care of, making real estate located on a lake a worthy investment for years to come.Enjoy the many benefits of real estate on a lake. Whether the initial investment is for you and your family and you choose to sell, or you keep the property in your family for many years, lake living is a special treat that is enjoyed by people of all ages.